Unit Name: Akie formation
Unit Type: Lithostratigraphic
Rank: Formation
Status: Informal
Usage: Currently in use
Age Interval: Devonian - Mississippian (416 - 318.1 ma)
Province/Territory: British Columbia

Originator: Jefferson et al., 1983; Pigage, 1986; and MacIntyre, 1992.

Central and southern Kechika trough (Paradis et al., 1998).

The term "Akie" is used to designate nonsiliceous shales (Paradis et al., 1998).

The Akie formation is a subdivision of the Earn Group. The Warneford and Akie formations interfinger with each other and with the Gunsteel formation. The base of the Earn Group is diachronous, with clastic sediments progressively lapping on from the Kechika trough eastward onto MacDonald platform (MacIntyre, 1992) (Paradis et al., 1998).

Jefferson et al. (1983), Pigage (1986), and MacIntyre (1992) have subdivided the Earn Group into three informal formations or lithofacies divisions, Gunflint, Akie, and Warneford (Paradis et al., 1998).

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