Unit Name: Clemis Formation
Unit Type: Lithostratigraphic
Rank: Formation
Status: Formal
Usage: Currently in use
Age Interval: Cambrian (542 - 488.3 ma)
Province/Territory: Northwest Territories

Originator: Nauss, 1944 (only time used).

Type Locality:
Dodo Canyon, Macdougal River, District of Mackenzie. Ca. 64 deg 55'N, 127 deg 15'W.

At the base 12 m (38 ft) rubbly green shale overlain by 12.2 m (40 ft) slate coloured limestone and flaky shale followed by 46 m (150 ft) black flaky shale with minor interbeds of sandstone. Reportedly petroliferous.

Underlain by the Alder Fm and overlain by the Sanguine Fm. This formation is equivalent to the upper part of the Mount Cap Fm which is the more widely used terminology throughout the area. The name Macdougal Gp has been suppressed by Aitken, Macqueen and Usher (1973a)

Aitken, Macqueen and Usher (1973b) state "Recent regional geologic studies in the Mackenzie Mountains indicate that the type Macdougal comprises at least three distinct depositional sequences, separated by two or more regional unconformities. The lowest unit, 220 feet of reddish brown nodular shale, has been traced to the southwest where it underlies up to 11,000 feet of Proterozoic strata assigned to the Little Dal, Rapitan, Keele, and Sheepbed Formations, all of which are missing at Dodo Canyon. A middle sequence, 350 feet thick, consists of fossiliferous, Lower and Middle Cambrian limestone, shale, and sandstone, and corresponds in part to the Mount Cap Formation of Franklin Mountains. It is of limited distribution in the frontal Mackenzies because of depositional thinning and removal by erosion at subsequent unconformities. An upper sequence, 420 feet of gypsum, red beds and dolomite, is assigned to the Saline River Formation. It overlies an unconformity believed to be the regional "sub-Upper Cambrian" unconformity and is overlain gradationally by a carbonate sequence containing Dresbachian to Canadian fossils, assigned to the post "Macdougal" Franklin Mountain Formation."

Other Citations:
Aitken, Macqueen and Usher, 1973a, 1973b; Nauss, 1944.

Source: CSPG Lexicon of Canadian Stratigraphy, Volume 2, Yukon Territory and District of Mackenzie; L.V. Hills, E.V. Sangster and L.B. Suneby (editor)
Contributor: L.V. Hills; J.D. Aitken
Entry Reviewed: Yes
Name Set: Lithostratigraphic Lexicon
LastChange: 29 Apr 2003