Unit Name: Grizzly Bear Formation
Unit Type: Lithostratigraphic
Rank: Formation
Status: Formal
Usage: Currently in use
Age Interval: Middle Devonian (397.5 - 385.3 ma)
Age Justification: Corals.
Province/Territory: Northwest Territories

Originator: Gabrielse et al., 1973.

Type Locality:
On the northeast limb of Grizzly Bear Anticline, 2.4 km ( 1.5 mi) northwest of Grizzly Bear Lake (62°42'N, 127°50'W). Glacier Lake map-area, District of Mackenzie.

The formation is 256 m (840 ft) thick in the type section, 18 m (60 ft) 19 km (12 mi) to the southeast, 40 m (130 ft) in the vicinity of Avalanche Lake and 56 m (185 ft) on the southwest limb of the Grizzly Bear Anticline. The formation is restricted to the Glacier Lake map-area.

Cliff-forming, massive, light grey weathering limestone and locally dolomite sequence. At the type section the formation, in ascending order, can be subdivided into: 1) 46 m (150 ft) recessive, coarsely crystalline and porous, cryptograined limestone; 2) 30.5 m (100 ft) resistant, massive, cryptograined limestone; 3) 30.5 m (100 ft) massive cryptograined limestone with biostromal layers of colonial tetracorals; 4) 152 m (500 ft) very coarsely crystalline light grey weathering, black and grey crinoidal limestone and coarse calcarenite in beds 0.3 - 1.3 m (1 - 4 ft) thick. About 19 km (12 mi) to the southeast of the type section it consists of about 18 m (60 ft) of light grey to white weathering, porous, coarse-grained, dolomite.

The Grizzly Bear Formation conformably overlies the Arnica Formation and may be its facies equivalent and is conformably overlain by the Funeral Formation.

Gabrielse, H., Blusson, S.L., and Roddick, J.A., 1973. Geology of the Flat River, Glacier Lake and Wrigley Lake map-areas, District of Mackenzie and Yukon Territory; Geological Survey of Canada, Memoir 366 (Parts I and II), 421 p.

Source: CSPG Lexicon of Canadian Stratigraphy, Volume 2, Yukon Territory and District of Mackenzie; L.V. Hills, E.V. Sangster and L.B. Suneby (editor)
Contributor: L.V. Hills; H. Gabrielse
Entry Reviewed: Yes
Name Set: Lithostratigraphic Lexicon
LastChange: 01 Dec 2010