Unit Name: Toad Formation
Unit Type: Lithostratigraphic
Rank: Formation
Status: Undefined
Usage: Currently in use
Age Interval: Early Triassic - Late Triassic (251 - 199.6 ma)
Province/Territory: British Columbia

Originator: Kindle, 1944

grey to dark grey, calcareous and dolomitic siltstones with minor beds of sandstone, dark grey shale and dark limestones. The contact between the Toad and Grayling formations is difficult to distinguishk in the subsurface, but is evident on electric logs (Hunt and Ratcliffe, 1959).

includes Grayling Formation

Hunt, Albin Digby and Ratcliffe, James Douglas, 1959. Triassic stratigraphy, Peace River area, Alberta and British Columbia, Canada; The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), AAPG Bulletin, vol. 43, no. 3 (March), pp. 563-589.
Kindle, E.D., 1944. Geological reconnaissance along Fort Nelson, Liard and Beaver rivers, northeastern British Columbia and southeastern Yukon; Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 44-16, 19 p.

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